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The Gaucho Gridiron
The Gaucho GridironArtist Feature of the Month – Meet Mariano de Orbegoso, Guitarist at El Gaucho Portland “The meaning of your life is to find your gift. The purpose of your life is to give it away," Pablo Picasso is credited with once saying. Thankfully, that gift can be received five nights a week for those lucky enough to hear Mariano de Orbegoso, Latin guitarist at El Gaucho Portland.Mariano was born in Lima, Peru and grew up in a very musical family. His mom, Carmela Russell, is a very well known composer in Latin America. Her songs have been recorded by some of the most popular singers, such as Celia Cruz y la Sonoroa Mantancera; Pepe Jara, in Mexico; Betty Misiego in Spain, plus more..." View ≫

The Gaucho GridironJoin us and Taylor Shellfish at Taste Washington! “Come Sip Savor and Swirl with us this weekend at one of our favorite events – Taste Washington. We will be there in full force with Taylor Shellfish, shucking over 10,000 oysters and ladling over 100 gallons of savory seafood chowder in our booth throughout the weekend..." View ≫

The Gaucho GridironEl Gaucho and Beef – A Legacy of Quality “Since Paul Mackay opened El Gaucho in 1996 in Seattle, steak has been the centerpiece on our menu, and from the beginning, our sourcing philosophy has been to offer the best product for our guests. You could say that comes with a little bit of pride, but also with a lot of experience; with over 40 years in the restaurant business, Mr. Mackay recalls that in the 1970s and 1980s, close to 1 in 8 steaks were sent back from customers, which certainly doesn't lend itself to a quality eating experience. Plus, with stats like that, you can't keep your doors open for long." View ≫

The Gaucho GridironSivi Mennen, AQUA by El Gaucho General Manager, Named a 2014 Seattle Tourism Ambassador “We are thrilled to announce that Sivi Mennen, AQUA by El Gaucho's General Manager, was named one of four Tourism Ambassadors at the Visit Seattle Annual Meeting and Luncheon, held on Tuesday March 18th at the Sheraton Hotel." View ≫

The Gaucho GridironEmployee Highlight – Meet Alicia Klein, Evolving from El Gaucho Hostess to Pastry Student in France “At some point you have to accept a certain level of imperfection," is one of Alicia's favorite quotes; it's what her pastry chef at school says regarding cake decorating. Alicia notes, it can certainly be applied to other areas of life, too. Alicia Klein, aka "Lish" or "Cookie," didn't always like baking. In fact, she stayed away because she lacked the precision and patience it requires. About five years ago she had a change of heart."... View ≫

The Gaucho GridironCulinary Feature of the Month – Meet Tristan Chalker, Returning Sous Chef at AQUA by El Gaucho “I am really not sure why I chose to become a chef. In fact, I think it chose me," says Tristan Chalker, AQUA by El Gaucho's newly appointed Sous Chef. "The restaurant business is all I have ever known. I remember when I first started working in fine dining and one of the chefs had a Charlie Trotter cookbook. That was a huge turning point for me. I had never seen food like that before!"... View ≫

The Gaucho GridironArtist Feature of the Month –
Meet June Tonkin, Pianist at
El Gaucho Bellevue
“El Gaucho and "Junie," as she's affectionately called, crossed paths over 50 years ago, when she started playing at the original El Gaucho, on the corner of Olive and 7th, in 1958. It was her first professional position as a musician, and she quickly became known as "the girl with 1000 tunes in her head," because she could play almost any request"... View ≫

The Gaucho GridironVoted Best Spirit in the World – Don’t Miss Angel’s Envy Bourbon Dinner! “An old Kentucky Proverb says, “Keep your friends close – your bourbon closer.” For anyone lucky enough to sample Angel’s Envy, this saying certainly rings true. We are excited to offer an incredible opportunity to introduce guests to Angel’s Envy at El Gaucho Seattle, Wednesday March 5th, which will be hosted by Angel’s Envy own COO Wesley Henderson."... View ≫

The Gaucho GridironAn El Gaucho Classic: Medallions Oscar Recipe “It’s not often our chefs share their recipes, especially for one of our classics, like El Gaucho Medallions Oscar: a wonderful combination of surf and turf with a beautiful béarnaise sauce. However, we’re in a celebratory mood because our own El Gaucho Seasoning and Wicked Spice are now available on Amazon! Now you’re just a click away from bringing these unique and flavorful tastes from your favorite restaurant to your home. You’ll love the flair these spices bring to your favorite recipes!"... View ≫

The Gaucho GridironEl Gaucho Hospitality Now Proudly Employs 67 Sommeliers “Wine and steak – a classic combination. It’s no surprise that wine is an essential (and fun!) part of El Gaucho Hospitality’s (EGH) business. We love being a catalyst for connections and educating our guests, whether it’s introducing a new wine, or recommending a winery to visit. Staying on top of the ever changing world of wine can be a challenge, and it takes continual dedication and focus to be a great wine resource."... View ≫
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