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Why do I have to register my card?
Registration allows you to track your account activity, such as your reward dollar balance. Registration also allows us to transfer your points to a new card in the event that your card is lost or stolen. Registration is required to redeem rewards and is also needed for account look-up in case you forget your card when you visit. It also allows you to opt-in to receive special offers and events.

After I register, what do you do with my information?
We use this information to send you updates on special offers events, and promotions. We also use it to send updates on changes to the program and to keep you apprised of your account activity. Your phone number is necessary to look up your account in case you leave your card at home. Please note that we will never share your information with a third party.

What happens if I lose my card?
f you have lost your card you can continue to use your rewards membership by checking in via text or phone number look-up. If you would like a replacement card, email us at to request a new card. We will transfer your account information (including points earned) to your new card. It is important to note that you can only replace a lost card that has been registered.

What happens if I don’t have my card when I visit?
After you have registered your card, there are a few ways to use your Revelers Club membership without your card:

  1. Give your server your phone number (the one you used when registering your card).

  2. Text to Check-in prior to placing your order. Text Check-in is simple: Text Gaucho (and the restaurant number displayed on signage) to 73757. You will receive a message with a 3 digit Short#. Give the 3 digit Short# to the cashier. Please note that standard message and data rates may apply when using our text check-in function.

  3. Utilize your Revelers Club custom App - (coming soon, check back for more information)

What is Text Check-In? Are there any benefits to using it?
Text Check-In allows you to get all the benefits of the Revelers Club program without having to carry the card. Text Check-in also allows you to review your current points and reward dollar balance at anytime.

To use text check-in, make sure that you have registered for the Revelers Club with your mobile number. You will be directed to text Gaucho and your location number to 73757. You will receive a return text with a 3-digit short code and your rewards balance. Give this 3 digit code to your server. This code will tie this transaction to your rewards account. Your 3-digit short code is valid only for that visit to El Gaucho or AQUA by El Gaucho. If you would like to use Text check-in on another visit, you will need to check-in again.

Please note that standard message and data rates may apply when using our text check-in function.

Who should I contact if I have problems with my card?
El Gaucho, The Inn at El Gaucho or AQUA by El Gaucho team member or email us at

Where can I find my card number and registration code?
Both can be found on the back of your Revelers Club card. The card number is the 16-digit number and the registration code is the 6-digit number.

For additional information, frequently asked questions or complete program rules please ask an El Gaucho or AQUA by El Gaucho team member or email us at

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